Award winning L&EIP, a trading name of Leveraged & Equity Global Capital (UK) Limited, is active in financial and risk advisory to corporates, projects, real estate, emerging markets and sovereign looking to minimise risk to attract investment or financing.
Blending the best principles and methods of business, risk management and investment . The Directors, led by our award winning CEO Chris Bardouleau, regard independence; transparency; excellent service to clients and partners; market-leading expertise; honesty, integrity and fairness essential in all dealings.
L&EIP is engaged in the architectural structuring, placement and underwriting of corporate, project, infrastructure, real estate and renewables financing and investment requirements. It utilises it's own intellectual property, structural and transactional expertise to provide solutions accepted by institutional providers of finance, investment, risk mitigation or insurance products for the benefit of its clients operational, risk, financing and investment needs.

L&EIP financial structuring is also provided to the Leveraged & Equity Global Capital S.A. (L&EGC) fintech investment company who acts as principal investor and financier, Leveraged & Equity Global Capital LP a private equity fund, together with L&EGC approved secondary institutional investment houses and funds.    Clients of L&EIP advisory services  can opt to to seek equity investment and debt and structured financing from L&EGC.