Leveraged & Equity Investment Partners

Structured capital stack financing solutions and placement.

Bespoke solutions for debt, quasi equity, off-balance sheet,

equity and balance sheet optimisation.  

L&EIP uses its own Intellectual Property to structure and design innovative funding approaches, our creative risk mitigated financial architecture and managerial skills are integrated into strategic business visions and plans providing real value to clients of our capital platform, our second tier investors and approved independent clients. In summary; the provision of flexible capital stacks lowering the weighted average cost of capital (WACC), by utilising our intellectual property, allied to modern digital skills and information analysis.

Leveraged & Equity Investment Partners
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Award winning, Leveraged & Equity Investment Partners (L&EIP) utilise proprietary debt based structuring, financing and risk mitigation solutions and techniques designed to deliver unique value to specific areas of your business or project. L&EIP have a particular focus on de-risking of the balance sheet to increase profitability through the creation of greater financial efficiency of debt based financing and balance sheet optimisation.


Structuring, advisory and placement of debt based capital stack financing, risk transfer, mitigation and management to optimise balance sheets for institutional financing and investment.
Financial architecture by designing and implementing financial risk reduction to institutional level.
Debt , equity, transaction and asset project risk structuring to lower investment and financing costs; lowering weighted average cost of capital and asset backed risk.


Balance Sheet Restructuring -Refinancing.
Natural & Renewable Energy.
Medium, lower medium, cap corporate, non or nearly investment grade.
Technology hardware, software, services and cloud.
Emerging market economies.
Real Estate.

Sorry, but we do not provide financing, structuring or advisory for vehicular assets.

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