JANUARY 2017 – Farnborough, UK - L&EIP structures non-bond-based funding alternative for BAE Systems Plc. to eliminate their funding shortfall forecast at £2 billion.

MARCH 2017 – Canada - Deep Earth Energy Production Corporation geo-thermal funding requirement of C$150 million structured and insurance wrapped by L&EIP.

AUGUST 2017 – Papua New Guinea – Wambu Pawa and L&EIP agree joint venture and funding for hydro power project in Kaguel, PNG with L&EIP providing structuring, risk transfer, funding combined with appointment of lead engineering project contractor (EPC), total contract value $400 million+.

SEPTEMBER 2017 – Lagos, Nigeria – Peak Petroleum Industries Limited agree terms with L&EIP for funding of the oil lease OML 122 projects in the Gulf of Guinea, complete with Lloyds of London marketplace provided risk transfer in the amount of $462 million.

JANUARY 2018 – UK – L&EIP structures liquidation refinancing and pension deficit reduction for liquidator and UK pension lifeboat in relation to Carillion Plc. bankruptcy.

FEBRUARY 2018 – Sydney, Australia – L&EIP agrees terms with Crossway Capital, head officed in Sydney, Australia, to offer the proprietary Insurance Wrapped Finance Programme (IWFP) through their international offices, offering risk transferred and mitigated project finance from USD 50 million.

MAY 2018 – Samoa – Village Life Energy agree terms with L&EIP, in conjunction with Crossway Capital, for first phase funding of the waste-to-energy (WTE) project, complete with Lloyds of London marketplace provided risk transfer in the amount of $62 million.

JUNE 2018 – Busan, South Korea - Yongho Transit Company and L&EIP agree structuring and funding terms for the rail-based passenger transportation feeder line to existing subway line in Busan including 6 stations and a mixed-use 16 story Hotel- Condominium-Office building at the seaside location, totalling in excess of USD 400 million, with complete Lloyds of London marketplace risk mitigation wrap.

DECEMBER 2018 – DUBAI, UAE – L&EIP and KPMG Infrastructure Finance & Advisory agree Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation wherein L&EIP will be the provider of bespoke investment and financial solution structures to KPMG and their clients for debt-based funding requirements. 



JANUARY 2019 – California, USA – L&EIP and Capri Holdings agree terms for the provision of risk mitigated funding structure for the acquisition, funding and renovation of mixed asset Opportunity Zone designated real estate development, with potential investor proprietary principal protection.

MARCH 2019 – UK, USA & Western Africa – L&EIP and Helios Limited agree joint venture to structure, risk mitigate, fund and provide institutional compliance methodologies for the USD 5 billion Independent For Profit entities but with education as a subsidised independent entity for Digital Infrastructure ,Data Centres, Power and partnership/merger or acquisition of mobile network operator to reach end-users in conjunction with technology partners including Cisco Networks, Google and USA based universities.

JUNE 2019 – Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands – L&EIP structure and agree funding proposal for Pageant Beach development in Grand Cayman with a funding value of USD 200 million. Lloyds of London marketplace offering L&EIP with a complete erection all risks bespoke risk mitigation structure.

AUGUST 2019 – Mexico – Hidalgo Mexico and L&EIP agree funding and risk transfer terms for the construction, operational and political risk mitigated financing of up to 10 waste to energy (WTE) locations in Mexico, all backed by regional and national government offtake agreements. L&EIP includes bespoke principal protection structure under Trust.

NOVEMBER 2019 – California, USA – L&EIP agree new funding and re-financing for the consolidation and expansion phases of the European focused Europa Village. L&EIP will provide low equity, risk mitigated and principal protected investment for all remaining phases of the Europa project estimated at $139 million. 



JANUARY 2020 – Lebanon – L&EIP offer bespoke structuring to Credit Bank of Lebanon, through advisors Fortress Financial & Metropolitan Insurance for the provision of depositor guarantee schemes.

APRIL 2020 – Madrid, Spain – L&EIP and Magdala group agree terms for the financing of the first of two bio refineries in Spain, offering a full Lloyds of London marketplace insurance securitisation, principal protection, and revenue insurance. First plant investment estimated at $190 million including L&EIP principal repayment and revenue guarantees.

DECEMBER 2020 – Belgium & Italy - L&EIP joins the programme. L&EIP will provide innovative financing solutions, risk mitigation and strategic support for Sustainable Energy Assets, including energy efficiency, distributed renewables, and storage. Through its online platform, eQuad, Joule helps ESCOs, engineering firms, and construction companies across Europe access appropriate project investment by providing third-party valuation, performance insurance, project certification, and due diligence that facilitate and expedites funding for Sustainable Energy Assets.


FEBRUARY 2021 – Dundee, Scotland – L&EIP agrees provisional terms with The Angus, Angus, Dundee for the £ 75 million funding, risk mitigation and potential principal protection of the 5-star Wyndham Grand Hotel, 18-hole Championship golf course and residential developments.

FEBRUARY 2021 - UK - L&EIP Chief Executive Officer, Chris Bardouleau, wins CEO Monthly - Most Influential CEO 2021 - the United Kingdom. CEO Monthly quotes "This programme is designed to showcase and highlight exceptional individuals from across the business landscape that we believe will set the standard for 2021. Our recipients have been handpicked by CEO Monthly’s in-house research team based on comprehensive analysis and research.
Our approach provides us with candidates who are recognised purely on merit. We reward individuals who are always succeeding in their growth, improvement, and innovations across their businesses.

MARCH 2021 - Plano, Texas - L&EIP agrees provisional terms with SPE Creek, sponsors of the Radisson Blu Convention Centre hotel, ancillary retail and car parking facility. Funding for the first phase of a two phase development with an overall investment in excess of $275 million.

MAY 2021 - UK - Leveraged & Equity Global Capital S.A. winners of the Best Capital Stack Financing Solutions Provider - South East Europe at the Acquisition International Worldwide Finance Awards 2021. Acquisition International quote "This respected award symbolises the hard work and outstanding effort of all individuals and businesses who have helped form this demanding and dynamic industry. Our all-inclusive selection and judging process narrows down nominees in order to find the best market leaders from the past year."