Leveraged & Equity Investment Partners Products & Services.

L&EIP core strategy and service

L&EIP was established with the primary objective being the deployment of institutional capital to non investment grade companies, infrastructure, projects and emerging markets . It provides a bridging role by structuring projects with risk mitigation and credit risk creation as the goal.

Leveraged & Equity Investment Partners utilises it's in house expertise and innovative methods in financial architecture to convert development, operational and project risk into institutional credit risk. Thus, creating an institutional ready asset class from commercial, project or infrastructure debt and project risk.

Leveraged& Equity Investment Partners is a specialist in the transfer of project risk, and associated funding, to credit risk.

L&EIP use our own proprietary techniques and intellectual property in conjunction with established systems and institutional capital markets for the deployment of institutional, risk transferred, liquidity to project, infrastructure, renewable energy, technology, real estate and corporate defined benefit pensions.

Following the financial crisis of 2007, project and commercial risk factors have been exponentially increased under post-crisis capital adequacy ratios; and are considered to be one of the major factors behind the infrastructure and project funding shortfall which will only be exacerbated by COVID-19.

L&EIP approach

L&EIP focus on the risk transfer and mitigation to minimum A rated counter-parties enables us to creatively finance a broad spectrum of construction, project or operational risk to mitigated credit risk. 
These risk mitigated structures enable fully underwritten, one-stop financing solutions incorporating the full capital stack; be it in house underwritten through Leveraged & Equity Global Capital S.A. (L&EGC) or our financing and investment partners who fully understand the risk mitigated L&EIP capital architecture.

We invest capital with a long-term focus. This investment philosophy  allows us to focus our time and effort on understanding our borrowers’ long-term fundamentals.

We are committed to project and infrastructure, renewable energy, middle market non-investment grade companies and emerging market economies .

Our focus is on  delivering flexible, reliable capital while leveraging the L&EGC group of companies and those of our selected partners resources.

We value relationships and building trust. We create strong, lasting relationships  and build the trust of our borrowers by honouring commitments, responding to needs and communicating directly.

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Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke Solutions: Be it on or off balance sheet, maximisation of EBITDA or revenue expenditure focused. Restructuring ,part of a new project or acquisition.
L&EIP lead the way in structured debt solutions.

Intangible Assets: With intangible assets now accounting for upwards of 80% of your balance sheet assets, capital injections linked to off-balancer sheet leasing are valuable options from L&EIP.

Synthesis Leasing: L&EIP can take intangibles a step further with a Synthesis Sale & Leaseback.

Synthetic or Tax Based: L&EIP will work with you and your advisors to ensure complete balance sheet optimisation of your synthetic or tax based options.

Risk Transferred, Leveraged or Investment: If you are considering investing in alternative investments from a tax and risk adjusted return basis L&EIP expertise is vital.

Please contact our CEO, Chris Bardouleau, to discuss your requirements.

Email: chrisb@leaseinvestment.com

Balance Sheet Optimisation

L&EIP understand that Treasurers and finance chiefs can neither predict nor determine the future environment in which the company operates, and the shift in strategy that might be required.

The capital structure is a key priority and post Covid 19 ways to optimise the balance sheet to combine financial resilience and flexibility whilst minimising costs are an imperative.

Cost of funds, liquidity and capital requirements are leading factors considered by finance chiefs.

Typically  finance chiefs will focus on the cost of equity or debt, and may ignore other increasingly important aspects like the risk premium. Incorporating the risk of exposure within the balance sheet, both from internal and external factors, can reduce optimisation and by doing so reduce liquidity and increase cost.

While market shocks may be regional or as we have seen global in their impact, this impact generally differs across markets. Adverse movements can affect business strategy and the potential for growth, ongoing feasibility of investment projects and inter-company borrowing requirements.

L&EIP BSO services target a bullet proof balance sheet through performance enhancing risk transfer, resulting in debt and equity cost optimisation.

For an initial discussion: 

Email: bso@leaseinvestment.com