Leveraged & Equity Investment Partners act as a classic corporate financial adviser, active in financing and deal-making, managing strategic relationships, blending the best principles and methods of business and banking.

Our Values

The Directors regard independence; transparency; excellent service to clients and partners; market-leading expertise; honesty, integrity and fairness essential in all dealings.

* $ is United States Dollars for indicative minimums only.

Funding Activities

• Project and infrastructure structure finance from $20 million*.
• Renewable and energy from $5 million.
• Refinancing and Bespoke structured from $1 million.
•Subscription & Lease based finance from $250k. 
• Corporate new debt and refinancing from $1 million.
• Real Estate (Non-Industrial) from $5 million.
• Acquisition and sale debt and equity from $2 million.

Funding Focus

Project & Infrastructure.

Renewable Energy. Corporate.

Digital Technology and Communications.

Real Estate.

Medium ticket leasing/subscription models.

Acquisition & Sale Financing.

Refinancing and structured specialists.


The company addresses horizontal and sector-specific markets, the latter leveraging proprietary solutions designed to deliver unique value to specific areas of business.
Financial architecture – designing and implementing.
Transaction and credit structuring.
Securitisation and De-Risking.
Strategic introductions and alliances.