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 Award winning L&EIP, a trading name of Leveraged & Equity Global Capital (UK) Limited, is active in debt, quasi equity and structured asset designing, structuring and managing strategic debtor and creditors  risk mitigation.Blending the best principles and methods of business, risk management and investment . The Directors, led by our award winning CEO Chris Bardouleau, regard independence; transparency; excellent service to clients and partners; market-leading expertise; honesty, integrity and fairness essential in all dealings.
L&EIP is engaged in the architectural structuring, placement and underwriting of corporate, project, infrastructure, real estate and renewables financing and investment requirements. It utilises it's own intellectual property, structural and transactional expertise to provide solutions accepted by institutional providers of finance, investment, risk mitigation or insurance products for the benefit of its clients financing and investment needs. 

L&EIP financial structuring is primarily provided to the Leveraged & Equity Global Capital S.A. (L&EGC) fintech investment company and platform who acts as principal investor and financier, together with L&EGC approved secondary institutional investment houses and funds.

Specialist Balance Sheet Optimised Funding Solutions

L&EIP is a specialist in the transfer of business risk, and associated investment requirement, to credit risk. L&EIP use our own proprietary debt risk mitigation techniques and intellectual property in conjunction with established systems to reduce business financing cost and risks.
Our core products are based in Structured Debt, Institutional Debt Models, Balance Sheet Optimisation  and Quasi Equity.
Additionally, we provide bespoke, on and off balance sheet, project and corporate structuring and underwriting.

World Leading Partners

In addition to the institutional debt and quasi equity  funding platform of our head operation Leveraged & Equity Global Capital (L&EGC), L&EIP can access close relationships with key financial and risk transfer underwriters in the market.

This institutional capital in Europe and the USA, interacting with risk transfer from the best of Lloyd's of London consortium leaders, in addition to reputable international markets as required to provide support and capital to our traditional and bespoke alternate debt and quasi equity  structures.

The objective

L&EIP provides unique risk mitigated and risk transferred traditional and structured debt based capital stack solutions; contributing to a robust business investment model for debtors and their financing partners.

The objective, to create a more open and balanced lower risk debt based investment and business world.

Our Group

L&EIP’s main operational base is the United Kingdom (UK) in the centre of London, a post Brexit European office has been established in the growth Hellinikon region of Athens, Greece.
Whilst operationally based in the UK, our parent Leveraged & Equity Global Capital S.A. is in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). The BVI is a British Overseas Territory and so the law of the country is based on the British legal system and English common law. One of the two pillars of the economy is offshore financial services.

We also operate through professional agents in Australia, Canada, Ireland, the UK and the USA.