About Leveraged & Equity Investment Partners

Leveraged & Equity Investment Partners is engaged in structuring, placement and underwriting of corporate, project, infrastructure, real estate and renewables financing and investment requirements. It has intellectual property, structural and has transactional expertise accepted by institutional providers, of finance, investment, risk mitigation or insurance products for the benefit of it's clients financing and investment needs. 

Leveraged& Equity Investment Partners is a specialist in the transfer of project risk, and associated funding, to credit risk. L&EIP use our own proprietary techniques and intellectual property in conjunction with established systems and institutional capital markets for the deployment of institutional, risk transferred, liquidity to project, infrastructure, renewable energy, technology, real estate and corporate defined benefit pensions. Following the financial crisis of 2007, project and commercial risk factors have been exponentially increased under post-crisis capital adequacy ratios; and are considered to be one of the major factors behind the infrastructure and project funding shortfall

The Leveraged & Equity Investment Partners consortium operates under an investment and commercial banking business model which includes a licensed and regulated entity under the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier of Luxembourg (CSSF) regulatory framework, and subject to regulatory requirements of CSSF. Leveraged & Equity Investment Partners extends its value-added financial services to Corporates,Sponsors (private & public),Sovereigns, Sub-Sovereigns, financial institutions, banks and other regulated lenders.

Leveraged & Equity Investment Partners was established with the primary objective being deployment institutional capital to companies, infrastructure, projects and regulated financial institutions. It provides a bridging role by structuring projects with risk mitigation and credit risk creation as the goal. Leveraged & Equity Investment Partners utilises its in house expertise and innovative methods in risk architecture to convert development and project risk into institutional credit risk. Thus, creating an institutional ready asset class from commercial, project or infrastructure debt and project risk.