Technology Users

Revitalising the financing and investment processes for technology, that is the Tekhcap aim and philosophy. New technology needs new financing and investment structures. Not the same thinking that was new in the 1990s.

Our clients receive a technology financing and investment service inclusive of the following:

•Judicious and bespoke advice on technology financing and investment assumptions.


Benchmarking of assets against usage and future values.


•The ability to vary the financing assumptions, with extensive "What If" options.


•Financing simplification and consolidation for operations with multiple divisions, entities and domiciles.


•Detailed analysis of how accounting changes will affect balance sheets and profit and loss accounts.


Complete reporting on financing options of "owned" assets prior to year ends, detailing balance sheet and profit and loss account impacts.

Tekhcap combines over 30 years financing and investment experience with a passion for the sector in which it specialises, Technology.

Tekhcap is unlike other finance and investment houses.

As a financier:

We only finance technology or proposals with technology at their core.


Hardware, software, deployment and services. Third party supplied or in-house developed.

Tekhcap finances technology but does not allow it to decide your future.


You do that!


Tekhcap does not require “Computer Scoring” to underwrite.

Tekhcap understands that your aim is to reduce your technology investment risk and TCO.


Our financing solutions will do this and increase your ICT flexibility.

Tekhcap finance enables maximum utilisation of tax incentives, off balance sheet and historically low interest rates in all major currencies.


Our specific expertise in technology finance has enabled us to create these structures with enough advance notice to assist both lessees and lessors of technology well ahead of change.
















In new areas Leveraged & Equity Investment is looking to work with entrepreneurial and privately owned businesses in the new non European growth sectors.


Our expertise in creating financial structures we believe will assist the new 21st century entrepreneurs now investing in locations such as the UK and mainland Europe, having created highly successful businesses in their homelands.


Our aim is to maximise the capital structuring of their contrasting business, ensuring that these entrepreneurs can access the highest capital availability for further investment in other new opportunities. We believe out structuring skills would be of substantial added value.


To initiate a confidential exploratory discussion please email our Managing Partner using the link below to the right:



We work around a core of four financial structures subject to covenant, accounting requirements and cashflow of you the client. We then create bespoke structures for your changing needs.

1.A range of financial structures to include hardware, software and services for investment grade covenants. The structures can be either off or on balance sheet, with or without financier future value risk. Financing can be for individual supplies to highly complex long term project requirements. Where required we can arrange syndication for large expenditure projects, apportioning correct risk balancing to suitable insitutions, reducing end user total cost of ownership.

2.Hardware, software and services financing for corporates and established SME operations. From single suppliers to multi sources in pre completion financial services. On and off balance sheet, with a variety of payment structures and product renewal profiles.

3.Operating and capital leases for SME clients, covering all purchases in easy to restructure schedules enabling cost effective upgrading as the busniess grows.

4.A combination of equity and asset backed financing structures for tech start up and expoential growth businesses with an operating focus on new or disruptive technologies.

An example of how Tekhcap structures financing to correlate with client requirements follows.


A publicly quoted UK corporate had many divisions that provided outsourcing services. They had substantial technology spend annually, but had still not created a structure that provided accurate profit and cost apportionment for their diverse outsourcing contracts.

Tekhcap created a solution that enabled them to have operating lease structures that included not just acquired software and hardware, but internally created software.

The solutions enabled more accurate cost and profit allocation. It not only reduced their ICT total cost of ownership, but linked their financing profiles fully to income from outsourced contracts. Tax charge was reduced and key financial ratios improved enabling them to more effectively emphasise their financial stability for major long term contracts.

Whatever the solutions we are creating they are designed to add value across the board, benefitting all employees, the executive team and the business owners and investors. Increased profitability, higher NAV and hopefully, lower taxes.

If you are looking to arrange expert technology finance either visit the general L&EI contact page or use the under email link.