Tekhcap - Technology Financing & Investment

Tekhcap, part of Leveraged & Equity Investment Partners, has over thirty years experience of financing technology and investing in the technology sector. Providing expert advice, in addition to funding, to investors and businesses seeking finance or equity investment.

Our expert advice and financial structuring skills are available to experienced or novice businesses and investors.

For businesses of all sizes, from start ups to multi-nationals.

Tekhcap invests in, and finances, only technology, technology businesses or people.

We have two basic, simple aims.

From a financing perpective for vendors and end users.


To creat extensive ICT financing structures that cut management time, improve ease of replacement and reduce overall total cost of ownership.

We enable the user to grow and the vendors to work with their clients as they grow.

Tekhcap are experts in finance structuring and the future valuing of technology assets and businesses.

As investors, or investment intermediaries, Tekhcap is a channel for the funding of emerging technologies.

Tekhcap provides the funding to enable the integration of emerging technologies into business, both corporate and retail.

We identify technology advances that could create new opportunities or disrupt existing procedures creating growth.












Whatever the solutions we are creating they are designed to add value across the board, benefitting all employees, the executive team and the business owners and investors. Increased profitability, higher NAV and hopefully, lower taxes.

We cover Europe arranging funding from investment grade corporates with multi million ICT spend, through SMEs to start up businesses.


We also look for firms that are looking to acquire other businesses.


By bringing out structuring expertise in technology finance we reduce the TCO of ICT costs, increase change flexibility and ease asset management and licensing issues..


As an investor we cover Europe arranging funding and investment for companies with pioneering technologies that can yield strategic and financial value. We also look for firms that could enhance the way existing businesses deliver.


By helping gifted entrepreneurs realise their vision, we also are shaping the returns of our investors.

Tekhcap is unlike other finance and investment houses.

Tekhcap does not require “Computer Scoring” to underwrite financing, or investment.

Tekhcap itself invests in all opportunities, our success is linked to their success.

Tekhcap makes investment decisions based on sector expertise, experience and personal decision processes.


Not a computer programme.

Tekhcap ensures it keeps abreast of all potential new opportunities or changes that may enable new structures to benefit clients.

If you are looking for finance, investment or would like to consider investing please visit the general contact page or


email: tekhfin@tekhcap.com





In new areas Leveraged & Equity Investment is looking to work with entrepreneurial and privately owned businesses in the new non European growth sectors.


Our expertise in creating financial structures we believe will assist the new 21st century entrepreneurs now investing in locations such as the UK and mainland Europe, having created highly successful businesses in their homelands.


Our aim is to maximise the capital structuring of their contrasting business, ensuring that these entrepreneurs can access the highest capital availability for further investment in other new opportunities. We believe out structuring skills would be of substantial added value.


To initiate a confidential exploratory discussion please email our Managing Partner using the link below to the right: confidential@leaseinvestment.com