Investment Strategy

For more than thirty years Leveraged & Equity Investment personnel has been involved in the delivery of the funding necessary for technological and economic progress. Meeting the world's growing demand for technology requires a mix of funding sources and unprecedented advances in technology. Leveraged & Equity Investment works with entrepreneurs, investors and financiers to meet that challenge.


Additionally, we can create "bespoke" financing structures, that are subsequently available to larger scale investors, they are typically Investment Grade with substantial minimum levels of investment.


Our principle focus is to Preserve, Protect and Return Capital whilst providing a bespoke balance of "risk to reward" ratios that only a small boutique operation can manage.


A channel for funding of emerging technologies.


Leveraged & Equity Investment provides the funding to enable the integration of emerging technologies into business, both corporate and retail.


We identify technology advances that could create new opportunities or disrupt existing procedures creating growth.


We cover Europe arranging funding and investment for companies with pioneering technologies that can yield strategic and financial value. We also look for firms that could enhance the way existing businesses deliver.


By helping gifted entrepreneurs realise their vision, we also are shaping the returns of our investors.


Leveraged & Equity Investment operates a disciplined strategy.


We identify companies working on advances that could strengthen their core operations or new businesses that could lead to new growth opportunities.


Whilst we strive to be among the first to take advantage of important innovations, we also look for superior financial returns. We can invest in a company at any phase of development – from early-stage seed investment to offering capital for existing business expansion.


Leveraged & Equity Investment looks for technologies that will enable businesses, and their clients, to operate more efficiently, expand operations, or launch viable new businesses.


We seek investment opportunities in these areas:


Information Technology - Hardware and software innovations for both business and retail clients.


Communications and Networking - Wireless communications and advanced networking infrastructure to support industrial and remote operations.


Licensed & Leisure – Technologies that provide innovation to the global leisure industry, with a focus on the retail sector.


In addition to these supporting vital new technologies, Investors can also have the option of amortising, asset backed vehicles, with varying risk and reward structures available.

We work around a core of four financial structures, subject to covenant.


A portfolio of financial structures to include hardware, software and services for investment grade covenants. The investments provide for full amortisation in a tax efficient structure, are asset backed, with automatic re-investment options. The investments typically last for 3 to 5 years.


Portfolio investments financing technology for corporates and established SME operations. Asset backed as standard, major manufacturer guaranteed in some pools. Tax efficient, fully amortising terms up to 4 years, automatic re-investment options.


A combination of equity and asset backed financing structures for tech start up and expoential growth businesses with an operating focus on new or disruptive technologies. Where possible guarantees are in place, or controls over investee expenditure operate.


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Investment in our Corporate Pension Financing structures (patents pending) are bespoke and exclusive.


The minimum investment is £500,000 or equivalent in acceptable currencies.


Investors, or their representatives, can apply to receive investment information, investors are subject to acceptance.


Each investment structure is created for the individual investment and will contain investment grade and/or near investment grade assets.


These structures are particularly suitable for family offices, hedge funds, multi family offices and sovereign wealth funds.


To initiate a discussion on this investment option please email the Managing Partner on this link: Pension Investments .




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