Financing Strategy

Event Prevention solutions are generally client driven and unique. Business regularly have to place themselves ready to be able to deal with new situations both good and bad that might be thought to arise in the future, they could be Economic, Political or industry specific.


Often standard financing techniques that are already in place might not be suitable in a fast changing environment. Due to our independent status, Leverage & Equity Investment are able to look from the outside in. We offer unique solution suggestions that are beneficial to the company without disturbing existing relationships, many of which have been established over many years. This can result in the company a competitive advantage over rival operations. In some cases, we create solutions for events due to affect all businesses in the future.


An Event Prevention example might be the inability of one client to re-claim certain UK indirect taxes, a £25 million spend was subject to this purchase tax. This had the effect of increasing the cost to £30 million.


Despite the operational benefits, this was making the investment potentially unviable from a financial perspective. Leveraged & Equity Investment were contracted six months before the final Board decision to investigate the possibility of creating a "financing" structure that would enable reclamation of the indirect tax.


The foresight of the Board by giving Leveraged & Equity Investment early instruction enabled us to devote the time to test, and clear with suitable authorities, a cohesive structure.The structure enabled a 96% reclaim (£4.8 million). The spend was now viable, and able to proceed without delay.





Whatever the solutions we are creating they are designed to add value across the board, benefitting all employees, the executive team and the business owners and investors. Increased profitability, higher NAV and hopefully, lower taxes.

In new areas Leveraged & Equity Investment is looking to work with entrepreneurial and privately owned businesses in the new non European growth sectors.


Our expertise in creating financial structures we believe will assist the new 21st century entrepreneurs now investing in locations such as the UK and mainland Europe, having created highly successful businesses in their homelands.


Our aim is to maximise the capital structuring of their contrasting business, ensuring that these entrepreneurs can access the highest capital availability for further investment in other new opportunities. We believe out structuring skills would be of substantial added value.


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Leveraged & Equity Investment operate a dual strategy probably best described as Event Driven and Event Prevention.


As a totally independent, client focused, business we are able to act without the distractions of corporate hierarchy or shareholder pressures, whilst at the same time being able to work in tandem with global financial institutions and advisors to facilitate the best return for corporate clients and investors.


From a financing perspective our Event Driven solutions are structures and resolutions designed to react to past events. These can be global corporate issues, such as the deficits of Defined Benefit pension schemes which are affecting the balance sheets of businesses worldwide.


These issues have resulted in the pensions financing structure which is unique (patents pending) in providing an immediate financial solution. It can stand alone, or work with insurance and risk based solutions that provide long term remedies. This product alone can benefit the UK businesses that have over £300 billion in deficit on their balance sheets.


In other Event Driven areas, we work with both public and private companies to deliver solutions that are unique to their business as a result of recent or historic events. Leveraged & Equity Investment solutions improve the business financial health, thus helping staff, the executive and stakeholders.


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