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The Financing of the future will be from a single source.

The Financing of the future will not be hindered by economic cycles.

The Financing of the future will be flexible, structured and designed for you.

The Financing of the future is here.

Are you Future Financed?

            Leveraged & Equity
Investment Partners

Independence; transparency; excellent service to clients and partners;
market leading expertise; honesty, integrity and fairness essential in all dealings.  

The correct strategy for your funding.

Leveraged& Equity Investment Partners is a specialist in the transfer of project,commercial  and business risk, and it's traditional funding approaches, to lower cost credit risk. L&EIP use our own proprietary techniques and intellectual property in conjunction with established systems and institutional capital markets for the deployment of institutional, risk transferred, financing to project, infrastructure, renewable energy, technology and real estate.
In more traditional fields such as acquisition/sale debt and equity, refinancing and lease based we offer innovative solutions that lower the over cost of capital.

Every element in the building of your financing strategy is vital to your business success.

Do you know why investors use Alpha and Beta as key investment analysis tools?
Alpha shows how well (or badly) an investment has performed in comparison to a benchmark.
Beta indicates how volatile an investment's price, or value, has been in comparison to the sector as a whole.
A high alpha is always good.
A low beta is generally preferred for steady returns and lower risk.
Do you consider this when negotiating borrowing or raising equity?

Do you know your capital stack Alpha & Beta?

Is your capital stack Alpha & Beta optimised?

Your Alpha

What is the Alpha in your capital stack? Is your loan interest Alpha to high?
The Alpha investment return on your equity to high?  
Excessive Alpha comes out of your profits!  

Your Beta 

The Beta of your operations is a measurement of its volatility of returns relative to your entire market sector. Generally a company with a higher beta has greater risk and also greater expected returns. Could you have a higher beta return without the increased risk?

Leveraged and Equity Global Capital S.A.
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35 Berkeley Square,
United Kingdom,W1J 5BF

Representative Agents or Offices:

Australia - USA - Ireland -  Canada

Telephone: +44-870-3143-222


Read the comments from just a few of our longstanding professional intermediaries.

You clearly have skills in financial structuring which has allowed you to create your funding models which allows clients to access institutional capital and obtain funding where a traditional vanilla equity and debt based approach may not yield this financing.
On a personal note I have always found you to have the highest ethical standards with a complete focus on the client's needs.

CEO of UK Based international financiers and advisors. April 2020

We are a Sydney-based Capital Raising company with Regional Offices covering UK/EMEA, Middle East, Americas, and Asia.  

Having worked with you on a number of capital raising projects ranging from $100M+ to over $1 Billion, we can say that you have met and exceed our expectations.

We have deep appreciation of your product and structuring capabilities, and we are very comfortable with your high ethical values in all our dealings.

As you know, we are an organisation that is openly Christ-focused in all our dealings. We are happy to say that we are comfortable in dealing with you and your team. 

Over the last 3 years, whether we have introduced you  to the highest levels of government in ****** and multiple other projects brought to your doorstep. Receiving the high levels of financial professionalism.

North American based international corporate finance house. April 2020.